Owasippe’s Weather Station

Owasippe now has a unique facility that most Scout camps in the U.S. cannot boast of, that is an officially-registered weather station broadcasting important local weather data with photos!

LC2 Weather StationBy Ron Kulak

Thanks to the ingenuity and collaboration of both the Owasippe Staff Association and the Owasippe Lodge, Order of The Arrow, Owasippe now has an operating weather station registered with The Weather Undergound, a division of The Weather Channel.  Both groups partnered on the cost of the instrumentation, registration, as well as the installation. It has been operational while summer camp has been in session, but the weathercam just went live on August 15th.

Here is the direct link to the weather station dubbed Owasippe Scout Camp or Station # KMITWINL6 operating under the Twin Lake, MI, locale directory on The Weather Underground Network.

SAVE THIS TO YOUR FAVORITES!  If you don’t have the link handy or cannot remember the station’s call letters, just go to wunderground.com and type in the location, Twin Lake MI, and then search for Other Stations and seek out Owasippe. To see the photos, you have to click the weathercam tab to open that feature.

The collaboration between the OSA and OA occurred in June just before camp opened with the blessing of the Pathway To Adventure Council, BSA. The two groups split the cost, registered the weather station, and installed it for operational use at the Guest Lodge, Owasippe’s new home for its STEM Program. Thanks and Kudos go out to Ted & Bryan Kumzi and Nick Barth who assembled the weather station and hooked up the weathercam to the Guest Lodge WiFi system and to Kevin Boline and Marty McGarry who installed the weathercam and the conduit and wiring to bring power to that camera for 24-7 imagery.

The Owasippe Scout Camp Weather Station works on solar power to run the instrumentation, but the camera, for now, runs on direct electrical current from the Guest Lodge. The weather station will measure and broadcast the following data:

  • temperature
  • dew-point
  • humidity
  • precipitation accumulation
  • precipitation rate
  • barometric pressure
  • wind direction
  • wind speed
  • wind gusts

The weather station data is visible locally within the Guest Lodge on a host monitor but is broadcast live on a network of thousands of personal weather stations throughout the U.S. and Canada. You can go to the Wunderground website at any time to not only monitor the weather data but to also get the local forecast for that day and coming days along with recent trends. And, of course, this station also provides a visual of the current weather and seasonal conditions via the weathercam.

This weather station also provides information via a Weather Widget on the Owasippe Scout Reservation website OwasippeAdventure.com. Actually, anyone can load this widget onto their own website for continuous viewing.

By the way, the Weather Underground will have its own featured program on The Weather Channel beginning August 24th and running from 6-8:00 p.m.

So, keep your eyes on Owasippe’s very own weather station, also a unique facility for Blue Lake Township.