Owasippe’s Future Looks Bright … Council Committee Recommendation

The Pathway to Adventure Council (PTAC) Operating Board established four committees to look at the utilization, financial well-being, and sustainability of all (8) PTAC properties going forward starting with the 2016 camping season. According to their report, released on 9/18/15, Owasippe’s future looks to be secure! That said, while this was the committee’s recommendation, the PTAC Operating Board will need to vote on the matter and the Regional Executive Committee / Executive Board also need to vote to officially adopt any action. 

Excerpt, from the report, pertaining to Owasippe …………

6. Owasippe Scout Reservation (OSR):

  • Owasippe Scout Reservation has a strong, rich camping tradition with 3 solid camps. It is the recommendation of the committee that PTAC continue all operations at OSR and add the Webelos Camping program back into its offerings for 2016.
  • The committee recommends marketing OSR to outside ventures to build financial sustainability for the operating budget.
  • Other recommendations from the committee include partnering with Michigan Crossroad Council (Camp Gerber) to add new and innovative program offerings for all Scouts, continuing to invest in the Family Camp concept at Camp Reneker, marketing to families outside of Scouting, and creating a plan to rest Camp Blackhawk within the next year to allow the camp to rejuvenate its beauty by reducing the number of footprints allowed to access the camp.

Click here to download the PDF and read the full report.