Owasippe’s future mentioned in letter from the Council President

Dear Fellow Scouter:

As we begin our third program year as a combined council, I want to report on a number of matters.  This includes membership increases, camp property ownership and sales, program staffing and Council leadership changes.  I apologize for the length of this note, but I have not written for some time and believe you need to be kept apprised of current progress. Continue reading

Owasippe’s Future Looks Bright … Council Committee Recommendation

The Pathway to Adventure Council (PTAC) Operating Board established four committees to look at the utilization, financial well-being, and sustainability of all (8) PTAC properties going forward starting with the 2016 camping season. According to their report, released on 9/18/15, Owasippe’s future looks to be secure! That said, while this was the committee’s recommendation, the PTAC Operating Board will need to vote on the matter and the Regional Executive Committee / Executive Board also need to vote to officially adopt any action.  Continue reading