Just to name a few …

Since our inception in 1978, the OSA has completed countless projects (big and small) to benefit the thousands of Scouts, Leaders, and families who camp at Owasippe.

In 1982, the OSA completely funded and built a showerhouse at Camp Wolverine, valued at the time at $8,000. The OSA also provided the necessary labor to complete a similar structure at Camp Robert Crown.

In 1986, the OSA embarked on it’s most ambitious project to date… a two year, $35,000 endeavor. At the May 1986 Fix-it weekend, eighty members completed the first phase of the project. We designed and built two new field sports pavilions, one at Camp Blackhawk and another at Camp Carlen. These buildings include firing stations for eight Scouts, a storage facility for all the range and sports equipment, and a merit badge instruction area. OSA members worked from dawn to dusk to complete the buildings in a single weekend.

The second phase of the project called for the redesign and modification of the existing range structures at Camps Wolverine and Robert Crown. The work included enlarging the concrete slab and pavilion and the construction of storage closets, safety barricades, and waiting benches.

Started back in 1982, another project of the OSA is the continual renovation and maintenance of the trail system at Owasippe. This was facilitated by the donation of a ten-year supply of trail markers (fleur-de-lis) from the OSA. We also produced and published an informative brochure on the trail system which is distributed free of charge at Owasippe. This same team revitalized the canoe-voyageur program by developing new access points and campsites along the White River.

In 2001 we completed our largest fundraiser yet, the OSA 40K, raising close to $40,000 in cash and materials to be directly applied to Owasippe. With 40K funding, we re-roofed every staff cabin and we brought back hot showers in the Camp Carlen sites.

In addition, we have matched 40K funds with the money donated in the name of the late Chuck Nagel. These funds, totalling $17,200, sponsored the construction of a new C.O.P.E. base at Owasippe. The Charles F. Nagel Memorial C.O.P.E. Base opened to Scouts on July 1st, 2001 and was officially dedicated on September 15th, 2001.

In 2003 the OSA took the lead in a team effort to get the Christopher Hill Memorial Climbing Tower built in time for the summer. The new 32-foot tall, 2-face climbing tower rounds out the Charles F. Nagel Memorial COPE Base. The tower is dedicated in memory of Christopher Nicholas Hill, a former Owasippe staffman and teenager who passed away in 2001. All donations that were made in Christopher’s name were given to the Owasippe Staff Association by his mom, Monique Tripp. The OSA matched Ms. Tripp’s generous donation. The OSA also received valuable assistance from the Owasippe Conservation Club that was instrumental to the project’s completion.

We also used 40K-funds and the generous support of Sterling Lumber to refurbish the firebowls at both Blackhawk and Wolverine.