Honorary Life Members

The Honorary Life Member Award is the OSA’s highest honor. It is given only to those who show years of dedicated support and personal commitment to the OSA and its mission of service to Owasippe.

(listed alphabetically)

Robert Bavirsha
Edward P. Black
Bob Blew
Ron Derby
Susan Derby
Michael F. Finnegan
Milton H. Gray
Ferris Hale
Stephen J. Horvath Jr.
Ron Humbert
Joseph Klefeker
Tony Krier Jr.
Ronald E. Kulak
Bud Liden
Whitt Lloyd
Candy Merritt
Paul E. Myers Jr.
Charles Nagel
Philip “Chauncey” Niziol
John A. “Tiny” Norman
Sheridan Nunn
Glenn Roberts Jr.
Nancy Romcoe
Vince Rychtanek
Dave Schlichting
Jim Schlichting
Joseph P. Sener
Christian Sterling
John Sterling
Ron Wilson